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Who Leads St. Andrews Now?

Concerns raised on this website about St. Andrews' loss of independence and dedication

to its liberal arts roots stem from the institutional leadership currently steering St. Andrews.


University Board of Trustees

Joe Strickler, Chair
Winter Haven, Florida

Strickler is the owner of Refrigeration and Electric Service, Inc.


Joe Miranda, Vice Chair
Miami, Florida


Emil Jahna, Secretary
Lake Wales, Florida

In June 2017, Jahna loaned St. Andrews $500,000. The university repaid the debt in October of the same year.

He is the VP, E.R. Jahna Industries



Arvid Albanese
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

He is the owner of the Albanese Group



Robert Colton, MD
Boca Raton, Florida

Robert Colton, MD (has served on the board of directors of the elite private K-12 Pine Crest School,

as has Arthur Keiser, Class of ’71). He is the chairperson of Clearly Derm



Theodore (Tip) Fowler
Lakeland, Florida

Self-employed, and former CEO of JDC Phosphate, Inc.

Donald Jones
Jacksonville, Florida

Jones is the CEO, Compass Rose Foundation (operator of career colleges – Sunstate Academy and Jones Technical Institute). His son, Greg Jones was chosen by former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos as one of two negotiators to represent all of the private non-profit colleges in the United States. 


Frederick McCoy
Chapel Hill, NC

Laurinburg native Frederick McCoy was appointed to the board in February 2021.

He is the former CEO of NeuroTronik Limited.



Ronald Schmidt
Palm City, Florida

Ronald Schmidt, a one-time for-profit college executive, is now in real estate. 

He is the long-time friend of Peter Crocitto, Keiser University COO



Sonny Van Arnem
Delray Beach, Florida

He is the founder of Van Arnem Properties



Melissa Wade 
Pompano Beach, Florida

Melissa Wade, is the VP of Compliance for the Steiner Education Group. 

She has worked for years in the for-profit college industry, according to two former Keiser officials; one said Wade “knows Art for a very long time” but that her real ties are to Peter Crocitto, Keiser’s top lieutenant.


Ana Waldman
Boca Raton, Florida

Ana Waldman is married to the brother of James Waldman,

the long-time general counsel of Keiser University.



Maria Wells
Stuart, Florida

Maria Wells is the owner/broker of the Lifestyle Realty Group.

She actively supported Belinda Keiser’s failed 2018 campaign for state Senate.


Rex Yentes
Winter Haven, Florida

Yentes is the President Emeritus, Webber International University

St. Andrews Leadership

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